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Ok what is  #Fitfleet  ?

#Fitfleet is a community effort to encourage our fellow nerds to get  some exercise. It will revolve around Twitter 1 because it acts as a  means of almost instant communication and 2 it provides a nice ease of  use.

Numerous studies have shown the health impacts of a sedentary  lifestyle on the human body. In Eve we have an older demographic that is  growing older as the game goes on where some of these impacts can be  seen everyday.  I would love to avoid the worst happening to people in  our community so people are able to be around for things like Eve Vegas  and Fan Fest and any other player meet ups.

Past the physical health effects one can’t ignore the positive  effects to things like self confidence and just generally feeling  happier and healthier. Personally physical fitness has had a huge  contribution to my quality of life and I would love for my fellow nerds  to be able to reap these benefits.

“Getting back into exercising can be a very daunting task.” It  absolutely can be but  like the Beatles said “I get by with a little  help from my friends”  Post your work out or questions or ping for a  little motivation to get out to the gym that day that’s what we’re here  for.

I will be having an Army buddy of mine who is a personal trainer  contributing to this effort as well so hopefully questions can be  answered and some good pointers and maybe a place to start.

Take some gym selfies or pics of what you are doing for exercise have  a laugh and maybe motivate some of your space friends to do the same  but come and join us on Twitter  at  #fitfleet

Ok upon request we have a Discord server setup now. Come and join us

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